Sander Tetteroo


Sander Tetteroo (1988) received his BA and MA degrees from Leiden University. In April 2014 he graduated cum laude for the Research Master in History on a thesis titled ‘Famine in the Netherlands East Indies, c. 1900-1904’. From September 2014 he will be a PhD candidate participating in the project ‘The Making of Religious Traditions in Indonesia’, organized jointly by Leiden University and Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. His project will investigate religious and humanitarian thought in philanthropy in case of natural disasters and war during the period of c. 1900-1965. Recently, as student-assistant he was attached to the project ‘Bookkeeper-General of Batavia’, which in 2013 published an online database of eighteenth-century V.O.C . shipping record. From 2008-2011 he was editor at Leidschrift. Historisch Tijdschrift.

Contact: s.tetteroo[at]gmail[dot]com