Adriana Churampi Ramirez


Dr. A.I. Churampi Ramírez is Assistant Professor of Latin American Literature at Leiden University. Her dissertation researched the socio-political impact of Manuel Scorza’s portrait of the Peruvian Indigenous upheavals during the 60s.
Her actual research concentrates on written and pictographic materials (colonial sources, novels and comics) depicting the Andean indigenous population’s identity building processes. The deconstruction of the strategies participating in identity (self) definition is the key line in her analyses. In that way Churampi’s research deals with concepts such as representation, appropriation, tradition and popular culture, all related to the Andean countries’ continuous effort to define their own image.

Related article:
“Who is afraid of…chicha?” In: Mateo del Pino, Angeles y Nieves Pascual Soler (eds) Comidas Bastardas. Gastronomía, tradición e identidad en América Latina. Santiago: Editorial Cuarto Propio, 2013: 269-283.

Contact: Adriana Churampi Ramirez