Guy S. Duke


Guy S. Duke is Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. His teaching and research focuses on the intimate associations between consumption and identity within the context of food, with an emphasis on the Andean region of South America. He has directed projects ranging from ethnohistorical investigations of water rights, religion, and agriculture in Colonial Highland Ecuador to the study of identity, feasting, and quotidian food consumption amongst the Moche culture of coastal Peru. Most recently, he has begun work investigating household consumption during the Valdivia period in coastal Ecuador and has plans to begin research into the impact of trade and foreign interaction on the food habits of coastal Manten͂o-Guancavilca peoples during the late pre-Hispanic period and into the Spanish Colonial era in Ecuador.

Contact: guy.duke[at]utrgv[dot]edu
Guy Duke