Hélène Le Dantec-Lowry


A specialist of the cultural and social history of African Americans, women, and gender, Hélène Le Dantec-Lowry is a Professor of American Studies at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle. She received her doctorate in American Studies at Université Paris VII in 1987. She directs the Center for Research on North American History (CRAN) and is editor-in-chief for history for the Revue française d’études américaines, a French journal of American studies.
Professor Le Dantec-Lowry is currently supervising 16 Master’s students and 6 doctoral candidates working in African American and women’s history. She is the co-recipient of a three-year grant (2014-16), along with Claire Parfait (Université Paris 13) and Marie-Jeanne Rossignol (Université Paris Diderot), entitled “Writing History from the Margins: The Case of African American Historians and the Future of History Writing.” She is also the author of De l’esclave au président. Discours sur les familles noires aux Etats-Unis (Paris: CNRS Éditions, 2010)—a book about the discourse on African American families over time—and co-director of several books and journal issues on a variety of topics including the black family in the US, the civil rights movement, women and gender history, the history black servants, and cooking, as well as cookbooks as a valuable source for historical analysis.

Contact: Hélène Le Dantec-Lowry