Inneke Baatsen


Drs. Inneke Baatsen completed her Master’s degree in History at the University of Antwerp in 2010, with a dissertation in which the dubious discourse of pardon, used by the Burgundian Dukes in their lettres de remission, was subjected to thorough analysis. Since October 2010, she has conducted research on tableware and dining culture during the “long sixteenth century”, as part of a larger project TOP-BOF-project: “Economies of quality” and the Material Renaissance headed by prof.dr. Bruno Blondé and prof.dr. Bert De Munck, funded by the University of Antwerp. Together with colleagues Julie De Groot and Isis Sturtewagen, she is currently working on an extensive database of after-death inventories for the Southern Low Countries. Since October 2012, however, her research was redirected towards a synthesis between on the one hand the material witnesses of table and cooking gear as mentioned in the inventories and on the other hand the cultural construction of dining and polite, sociable behaviour in dining manuals and complementary literature for the period under scrutiny. This research is funded by the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO).