Jessica Duncan


Jessica Duncan is an Assistant Professor in the Rural Sociology Group. Originally from Canada, she lived in France, Spain and the UK before coming to the Netherlands. She holds a PhD in Food Policy from City University London and is the author of the book Global Food Security Governance: Civil society engagement in the reformed Committee on World Food Security (Routledge, 2015).
Her research areas include: food policy; food security; global governance; environmental policy; participation; gender; and, rural sociology. Specifically, she researches the science-policy-participation interface by studying the relationships between global governance organizations, systems of food provisioning, the environment, and the actors engage in and across these spaces. More specifically, she is interested in better understanding ways in which non-state actors participate in supra-national policy making processes and analysing how the resulting policies are shaped, implemented, challenged and resisted and what this means for societal transformation.

Contact: Jessica Duncan