Liora Gvion


Liora Gvion is a professor of sociology whose qualitative research revolves around the sociology of food and the body. She has published over 50 articles in peer-reviewed academic journals and books. Her study on Palestinian kitchens in Israel matured into two books, one of which was Beyond Humus and Falafel, (2012, University of California Press) and 8 articles. In addition she has been studying national and ethnic narratives as revealed in the media, the impact of gentrification on open-air mark and the effects of the closure of the collective dining rooms in the kibbutz on the kibbutz family. She is currently involved in two different projects. The first revolves over social relationships embedded in the production of voice and the second involves a return to the locales in which her first study of Palestinian food has been done with the purpose of addressing the major changes that have taken place in Palestinian cookery in Israel.

Contact: Liora.gvion[at]smkb[dot]ac[dot]il