Living with hunger. Representations and creative solutions

Hunger doesn’t immediately imply a complete lack of access to food. Hunger can have many specific causes, meanings and implications. It can originate from a disturbance of the existing food chains, which is felt by both rich and poor. This results in a need to culturally assert new products, new techniques and new dishes which don’t fit within the accepted ‘good’ and ‘real’ food to find alternative ways in providing the body with the required nourishment. Poverty on the other hand only has implications for a particular social group. For the poor and those taking care of the poor, the concept of responsibility can be very complex and fluid. When are those without enough power to fulfil their basic needs deserving of our help? Representation of what it means to be hungry has a profound effect on our perception and the relief we are willing to provide. Literary and visual representations give us an insight into the physical as well as social experiences of hunger.