Lizet Kruyff


Drs. Lizet Kruyff studied History and Prehistoric archaeology, and later science writing. She published a cookery column for 20 years in Archeology Magazine. Books published: Twenty Centuries of Food and Cooking (with Judith Schuyf), 1997; Mozarts Menu (with Jonneke Krans), 2006; Cha cha cha, tja wat zullen we eten? 2007; Kaas & Kroketten, 2009, Rijntjes Keukengeheimen, (with Judith Baehner), 2013. Lizet has appeared in many televisionshows, notably Blauw Bloed, Melk en Honing, Verre Verwanten, Koffietijd, and several regional stations. Not only has she produced radio documentaries (a.o. Slow Foods Forbidden Food, HUMAN), but she is a regular live guest on numerous radioshows. Lizet gives talks on a regular basis for a variety of audiences, from scientists to housewives, from junior university kids to private guests at Christie’s, or Palace het Loo. But most of the time you’ll find her in archives and libraries, or in the kitchen trying to re-create the recipes of yore.