Peter Klosse


Peter Klosse, Ph.D., is a professor of gastronomy at Hotel Management School Maastricht, the Netherlands, and owner of a Michelin-starred restaurant at the gastronomic five-star hotel in Apeldoorn. He founded the Academy for Gastronomy in 1991, which offers courses and training on gastronomy and wine and food. The academy is also responsible for training the sommeliers in the Netherlands. Klosse published extensively on taste and gastronomy in Dutch and English. Recent titles are Het Proefboek, de essentie van smaak (2003, 5th ed. 2013); Het Nieuwe Proefboek (2015) and The Essence of Gastronomy: Understanding the Flavor of Foods and Beverages (2014).

Contact: p.klosse{at]echoput[dot]nl