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Ruth Oldenziel received her PhD in American History from Yale in 1992. In September 2003 she was appointed as professor at the Technical University Eindhoven in the field of the technological history of the United States and Europe. From September 2007 she has also been the leader of the five-year international research project, ‘European Ways of life in the ‘American Century’, funded by the European Science Foundation and involving researchers from ten countries. Over the past twenty years she has taught a variety of courses at different universities in the Netherlands and the United States, including at Yale and the University of Massachusetts between 1984-1990 in US History and American Studies. She has been awarded several honorary positions, including a Fulbright Senior Fellowship at Georgetown University, Washington DC, in 2003, a Senior Fellowship with the Lemelson Center, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, in 1996, and a Fellowship with the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, in 1990.
Her publications include books and articles in the area of American, gender and technology studies: Boys and their Toys in America (1997); Schoon Genoeg (1998); Making Technology Masculine: Men, Women and Modern Machines in America, 1870-1945 (1999); Crossing Boundaries, Building Bridges (2000); The History of Technology and Gender Reader (2003); (ed. with Karin Zachmann) Cold war kitchen : Americanization, technology, and European users (2009);  with M. Hård, Consumers, tinkerers, rebels : the people who shaped Europe (2013). In addition to her scholarly work, she has been a regular commentator on American issues for Dutch radio, tv and newspapers.

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