Taja Kramberger


Taja Kramberger (born in 1970) is an elected university teacher and senior researcher. She was an IAS fellow in Budapest (Collegium Budapest, 2003) and held various fellowships in Paris (CRH, EHESS, MSH, Proteus, Erasmus) between 1997 and 2006. Between 2001 and 2010 she was Editor-in-Chief of a multilingual scientific journal Monitor ZSA – Review of Historical, Social and Other Anthropologies.
In the last 3 years she has been intensively researching food history and “concentration camps universe” with a special stress on the small-size Vernichtungslager in Trieste “Risiera di San Sabba”.
She presented some of her works on the last two topics at international conferences (Amsterdam, Contested Memories – 2013, Austin, Food for Thought – 2014; Nîmes, Langages et Communications – 2014), and 3 articles on both themes are forthcoming in 2014.
She’s currently employed on a research project at the Educational Research institute in Ljubljana, but lives in Paris from 2012 on. She is also active in national and international literary field; she published 10 books of poetry, many essays, a drama If the Singer is Silenced, 2 books of kid’s literature, translated 7 books of foreign literature and organized many literary and cultural events and workshops. She is a regular guest of international literary meetings and round-tables and has her poetry published in many languages and world anthologies.

Contact: taja.kramberger[at]gmail[dot]com

Blog: http://tajakramberger.wordpress.com