Xiaoping Sun


Xiaoping Sun is Assistant Professor of History at Saint Mary’s University, Canada. She is now working on a book manuscript, Feeding the Nation from the Wilderness: Food, Migration and Environment in Northeast China, a project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council in Canada. Her research examines China’s efforts in achieving food security since the 1950s through massive state mobilized migration to its northeastern frontier and the socioeconomic and ecological impacts ensuing the Maoist land reclamation programs that transformed the state, humans and nature. Her most recent article, “‘War Against the Earth!’—Military Farming in Communist Manchuria, 1949-1975,” is published in the edited (by Norman Smith) volume, Empire and Environment in the Making of Manchuria (UBC Press, 2017). She has been presenting her research findings on gender, labor, affect, memory, agriculture and the environment across disciplines, including history, anthropology, sociology, and food studies.

Contact: Xiaoping Sun