Josep L. Barona Vilar: keynote speaker

We are very proud to announce the keynote speaker of our next symposium Food, Hunger and Conflict. Josep L. Barona is a specialist on the history of nutrition and public health. He has published many books and articles on the subject.


Some of his recent books are: La medicalización del hambre y la política económica del conocimiento científico (Barcelona, Icaria, 2014), From Hunger to Malnutrition. The Political Economy of Scientific Knowledge in Europe, 1918-1960 (Brussels, Peter Lang, 2012), The Problem of Nutrition. Experimental Science, Public Health and Economy in Europe, 1914-1945 (Brussels, Peter Lang, 2010). Josep L. Barona is Professor of History of Science and Head of the Department of History of Science and Documentation at the Universidad de Valencia.