Josep L. Barona Vilar

Josep L. Barona is Professor of History of Science and Head of the Department of History of Science and Documentation at the Universidad de Valencia and visiting professor at the Institute of Research for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology (IROAST), University of Kumamoto (Japan, 2016-2019). He is a member of the Institute of History of Medicine and Science López Piñero. He has participated in many research projects and was visiting researcher at the Rochefeller Archive Centre (New York) and the Herzog August Bibliothek (Wolfenbüttel, Germany) and visiting professor at the Universities of Oxford, Bergen (Norway) and the European University Institute (Florence, Italy), where he has taught courses and seminars. Professor Barona is the author of The Rockefeller Foundation, Public Health and International Diplomacy (2015); La medicalización del hambre : economía política de la alimentación en Europa, 1918-1960 (2014) and From Hunger to Malnutrition. The Political Economy of Scientific Knowledge in Europe 1918-1960. (2012) and many other publications. He co-edited Making a New Countryside: Health Policies and Practices in European History CA. 1860-1950 (2010).

Contact: Josep L. Barona Vilar